Old Stormalong Summary

One day, a small city in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a huge storm hit the city. The citizens saw a large object roll on shore. The whole city went down to see what it was. Everyone as shocked to see a giant baby, crying in the storm. The whole decided to raise him. They all named him Alfred Bulltop Stormalong, but they called him Stormy for short. By age 5, he was about 12 feet tall. By age 12, he was 36 feet tall! That kid also loved the sea. A lot of people believe he was born at sea, but no one knew. Stormy never really caused any trouble although there were accidents. One day he jumped into the water like a cannonball and caused giant title waves, covering Rhode Island! As he grew older, he got more cramped on land and decided to go to sea. He took the job as a cabin boy on a sail ship. The ship sailed all around the world. When they were coming home from South America, he had to battle a Kraken. He still was growing and decided to move back to land and find a place were he could actually fit. He heard about the Great Plains and decided to live there. He traveled across the U.S.A. Then he stopped in Ohio and decided to grow a farm. but old Stormy still missed the sea and decided to make a huge ship that he could fit on and go back to sea. When he was sailing, he saw a steam boat and covered it in water, but the captain told him it was a steamboat. Well steam boats grew more popular and people sailed less. So Stormy took his ship and sailed to a place where steam boats would never go. And no one saw him again.

1 thought on “Old Stormalong Summary

  1. Great job capturing the main ideas. You did, however, include some details that are unnecessary for the summary. For example, you mentioned that he had to fight a Kraken. Remember to keep it broad. Otherwise, well done.

    Also, the comprehension questions seem to be missing.

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